The Success Cheat Code

Couple days ago I tied the knot with Jackie… my best friend, high school sweetheart, and girlfriend of 12 years. Our actual wedding is this October in Hawaii. But we made it official on Sunday for some of the benefits like not paying an absurd $1,200/mo for self-employed health insurance. We went to college together. Traveled … Read more

Costco Magic Potion

Yesterday I was walking around Costco with my mum and dad. I dunno if you’ve been to Costco before? But if you haven’t… they sell products at a discount because it’s in bulk. My parents shop there mostly for food. They’ve got some good stuff you can’t find elsewhere. And there’s something sneaky they do … Read more

How I Make Money Online By Binge-Watching Netflix

“If you want to be successful, stop watching TV!” Say the Gary V fanboys who want me to cancel every streaming account I have. Well guess what ? I don’t agree. Cuz I’ve been making bank online by binge-watching shows on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Prime Video the last couple years. And you can too … Read more