3 Content Types That Got Me To 3k Twitter Followers

Howdy .

Yesterday I crossed 3,000 Twitter followers since starting from scratch just 4 months ago.

Twitter has been v good to me.

Multiple 5-figures in info product/coaching/consulting sales, hundreds of new fans joining my email list, and new friendships with multi-millionaires that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

And after reviewing my content…

I found that my top-performing tweets that brought the most engagement and followers fell into 3 different buckets.

In today’s video you’ll discover what those buckets are and how to apply it to your content… so that you can grow an audience on Twitter too.

>>>See the 3 content types that helped me get 3,168 Twitter followers in 4 months

Once you apply these content types, you’ll be able to grow your audience quickly and reap the benefits too.

Enjoy the video.

Your compadre,

Sean “fast growth twitter content” Anthony

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