5 Semi-Passive Income Streams That Make Me $500/Day

Do you want passive income ?

Income that rolls in while you sip margs on the beach and do no work at all?


Me too.

But to be frank… true “Warren Buffet” style passive income isn’t attainable for most people.

You need a good chunk of cash upfront to make it worthwhile.

For example if you wanted to earn $100k-$200k/yr in passive income through dividend-paying stocks… you’d need $3.5M-$5M invested.

What I wanna share with you today is “semi-passive income” streams.  Ones that take a bit of work to get up and going, and maybe some ongoing maintenance work, but can make you money while you’re sleeping.

In today’s video I share 5 of mine that bring in right around $500/day semi-passively.

>>>Discover my 5 semi-passive income streams that bring in $500/day

These took me about 18 months to get to where they are… and if you get started on these NOW… you could have your own semi-passive income streams making $100-$300/day+ faster than you think.


Your compadre,

Sean “semi-passive income” Anthony

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