Did You Get It Yet?

Feelin extra chipper this fine Saturday. 500+ have downloaded my Email Rainmaker Playbook so far and the feedback has been fantastic. === “Sure you wanna just give this stuff away for free? Feels like I’ve robbed you lol.” “Read it one sitting.  Would have paid $100+ for this easy.” “Holy shit this is incredible.  Why are you … Read more

Want A Free Copy Of My Email Rainmaker Playbook?

So a lil less than a month ago I asked the good folks in my Email Marketing Rainmakers FB group if they’d be interested in a free ebook titled…The Email Rainmaker Playbook:How to get paid an extra $1k, $5k, even $10k per month to write simple 5th grade emails for other biznesses.The response was an … Read more

83k In 7 Days

One of my Rainmaker Inner Circle studs just pulled in $83k over a 7 day period. Freakin fantastic. When we met in December he was having rollercoaster revenue months… relying pretty heavy on webinars and sales calls to sell his offers. Now? He’s doing multiple 5-figure WEEKS without sales calls, webinars, long-form sales pages, paid … Read more

30 Ideas For Your Next 30 Emails

I’ve been writing an email everyday… sometimes multiple times a day… for the last 2.5 years. And I’m always asked how I come up with original ideas. The answer is I “cheat”. There are email topics and frameworks I use over and over again. I’ve shared 30 of them for your next 30 emails here: … Read more

Tiny Annoyances Ruin Your Day

Last Sunday I bought a new Macbook Pro.Got the new silver 16inch and it’s blazinggg fast.My last machine was fine but it had a few annoying issues.Video exports and uploads took forever.The fan sounded like a hurricane whenever I did creative work.And there were delays in everyday apps I use like ActiveCampaign to send emails.There … Read more

This Campaign Did $32K In Revenue On The Last Day

On Sunday I wrapped up enrollment for the 10th cohort of my Email Side Hustle program. It finished at over $32k in revenue generated on the last day. For you sticklers… that’s revenue, not cash collected. But still a VERY nice sales day. In yesterday’s YouTube video I broke down the 3 keys in order to do … Read more

The Secret To Writing Automated Sequences That Convert

Subscriber Ryan asked yesterday: === “Dude your campaign for Email Side Hustle was nuts. Was it an automated sequence you wrote in one sitting? === It was NOT an automated sequence. It was a live sequence where I wrote every email the day before. Doing it this way I was able to keep my ears and eyes … Read more