Confessions Of An Ex Info Ho

Hi my name is Sean… and I’m an ex info ho.

That’s right.

I used to be the guy who always looked for “more info” instead of putting what I already knew to work.

Always looking for new ways to get clients. New ways to pick a niche. New ways to send a cold email or LinkedIn message. New ways to get sales. New bizness models to try out.


It’s a disease that strikes even the smartest of folks who get started in online bizness.

And it’s one that will keep you paralyzed in inaction if you let it.

You see… I used to think that information was the answer.

That there was some “secret info vault” all the gurus were hiding from me… and I had to pay to get a key to unlock it.

But after buying course after course after course… I realized one thing.

There’s no “secret info vault” that exists.

If there was?

Everyone would be rich, jacked, in perfect health, living perfect lives, and dating the men/women of their dreams.

But alas… that’s not how the world works, is it?

And that’s because information alone isn’t the answer.

Through my experience I learned that the real value of courses and coaching… assuming you get them from the right people… is that they give you clarity.

They give you a clear path to hitting a specific goal from someone who’s already done it.

So instead of just looking for more “secret info”…

Be more intentional with it.

Want to start an Amazon FBA bizness?

Want to start an affiliate marketing bizness?

Want to start a YouTube channel?

Want to start an Email Side Hustle?

It’s simple.

Stop searching for “more more more” info.

Find someone who’s done it, pay for the blueprint, and follow it UNTIL it works… not IF it works.

There’s no secret vault that exists, so you can stop searching.

The only way to cure the “info ho disease” is to pick a path and set out to conquer it… no matter what.

Rooting for you .

Your compadre,

Sean “ex info ho” Anthony

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