Costco Magic Potion

Yesterday I was walking around Costco with my mum and dad.

I dunno if you’ve been to Costco before?

But if you haven’t… they sell products at a discount because it’s in bulk.

My parents shop there mostly for food. They’ve got some good stuff you can’t find elsewhere.

And there’s something sneaky they do when you’re walking around to get you to spend boo koo bucks.

Can you guess what that is ?

They give you a SAMPLE.

They have a bunch of these white tables spread throughout the store with employees handing out bite-sized samples of food items.

Now, it’s a little different because of covid.

They’re handing samples in white to-go bags for you to eat outside of the store. Which kind of defeats the purpose of giving people a taste in the store so they can buy right after.

But my dad remembered a few samples from his last visit and spent $400 on the ones he liked.

No research or further samples needed. He just booked it straight for the aisle and put the items in the shopping cart.

And that’s the magic of Costco samples.

Magic that’s helped to build a $160bn a year company.

It gives people a taste and gets them hungry for more.

I’ve been applying this “sample” methodology to my bizness for years.

My sample is my content or low-ticket products.

Before you spend a lot of coin with me… you’ve read a few emails, watched a few YouTube videos, read a few tweets, and/or are in my FB group.

Or maybe you purchased my Superfast Sales Email Challenge, one of my ebooks, were happy with results, and wanted the main course meal.

Either way…

There’s a chance you’ve had some kind of sample before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars with me.

And by the time you’re ready to spend money with me… there’s no hard sell needed. Cuz you’ve already had a sample.

So ask yourself this question …

What kind of sample could you give to your prospects to get them to want to pay you money?

What bite-sized thing could you give them to make them hungry for more?

It doesn’t need to be a full pizza, hot dog, and vanilla shake.

Just a tiny bite-sized sample that leaves them wanting more.

Something to think about on this fine Thursday.

Your compadre,

Sean “costco magic samples” Anthony

P.S. want to see examples of my samples? Taste them below 😉

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