Do You Even Train?

Couple weeks ago I started going to mixed martial arts classes.

Right now I’m doing two days of stand-up striking (Boxing + Muay Thai).

And two days of ground fighting (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

The most challenging part about learning these new skills hasn’t been the classes itself.

It’s been figuring out how to balance my schedule and what classes to take based on my goals.

I’ve spent 10+ hours watching videos on what classes to take, what skills to learn, how often to go, and how to set my training schedule.

My goal is to learn this for self-defense and fitness. So if some meathead tries to fugg with me… or Jackie… or a friend… I can handle the situation no problemo.

I also want to have a balanced skillset where I feel comfortable both standing up and on the ground… and be good enough to compete if I choose to.

That said…

My training schedule will look different than someone looking to compete in the cage ASAP.

Or someone looking to become a striking specialist.

Or someone looking to become a ground specialist.

Everyone’s schedule depends on their specific goals.

Now let’s say you’re trying to learn the skill of writing emails that sell ?

Same thing applies to you.

You might be learning it so you can write for clients.

You might be learning it so you can build your own email list.

You might be learning it so you can write to sell your own info products.

And your “training schedule” will look different depending on your goals and how you intend to use the skill.

One thing’s for sure though…

If you’re starting from 0% skill level?

And you’re looking to go from “0 to competent email copywriter” in 30 days?

You need a guide that tells you what to “train” and do each day.

Otherwise… it’s easy to get lost, confused, and discouraged.

So I’m cookin up something for ya to help with this… and I’ll be adding it to my Superfast Sales Email Challenge.

Right now it’s a measly $29 bucks, but the price will be going up to $49-$99 as soon as I add this new guide.

So if you want it at its current price, hop over to the link below to snag it now:

>>>Grab the Superfast Sales Email Challenge at it’s stupid low price now

For all existing customers of SSE, this will automatically be added to your account when it’s live.

Your compadre,

Sean “do you even train bro?” Anthony

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