Double Dipping

For the past few days I ran a promo for my Superfast Sales Email Challenge.

It was increasing in price from $29 to $49 with new bonuses… and I ran a 12 email promo over 4 days that brought in $7,635 in sales.

That’s about $636 an email… and that’s not counting any backend sales I make (which I’m confident will be another $30k-$40k over the next 30 days).

Even better?

These emails are assets that I can reuse in the future.

I can use it the next time I run a promo for the challenge.

I can use it for a different offer I sell.

I can turn it into a digital product to sell… like a template pack.

I could even use it for client work.

I call this “Double Dipping”.

Because I’m dipping into something I already created (sales email) and reusing it over and over in different ways. In PROFITABLE ways.

Now… am I giving you permission to rip my emails and sell them as your own?

No. So don’t be a shidhead 🙂 cuz I will call you out if I see you pulling that.

My point is most people would look at these sales emails as a “one-and-done” thing.

Send it out once and never look at it again.

But when something works?

That’s when you “Double Dip”.

That’s when you add it to your folder of “assets to use again”.

Not everything has to be made from scratch.

If you found something that works… think about all the different ways you can leverage it. How you can get more out of what you’ve already created.

Hope that gives ya some ideas .

Your compadre,

Sean “double dip” Anthony

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