Good Things Come To Those Who ___

We’re a little over halfway through the 2nd Email Side Hustle group.

And like any new program, there are kinks to work out on my end to make it better.

But I’ve been happy with the results people are getting so far.


  • Alp who’s from Romania who signed 3 clients in the US… and English is not even his first language
  • Derek who signed 4 clients and is doing just under $100k/yr now
  • Kalene who signed 2 clients, one of them for $1k+ which was her goal for the program
  • Aly who signed a client on a trial and will move to a 30% commission in 30 days
  • Rok who signed his first B2B lead gen client and has another on the hook
  • Jesse who signed a client that’s paying him more than what he made at his engineering job
  • Rusydi who has a client that will start off as a $9k project

And many more who are learning the money-making skill, booking phone calls, and working through the steps to make money by writing simple emails for other biznesses.

It doesn’t always happen fast for everyone.

After all, it took me years to figure things out on my own.

But if you put the work in long enough?

And you’re surrounded by a community of other people on the same mission as you?

Encouraging and learning from each others wins and mistakes?

I don’t see any way that you CAN’T eventually make this work.

Good things come to those who put the work in.


I won’t promise you’ll make a killing overnight.

I won’t say you’ll get a client in one week from scratch.

I won’t promise that you’ll build a “6-figure bizness in 30 days” like many other programs do.

But if you want to learn a legit skill that can make you money in the long-term and join a community of other people on the same journey as you?

Then it might be a good idea to join us for round 3 of the Email Side Hustle program.

If you’re interested, fill out the short application below:

>>>Click here to apply for the Email Side Hustle program

I’ll be enrolling people over the next week for the July group.

Hope to see ya there .

Your compadre,

Sean “good things come to those who put the work in” Anthony

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