How To Get The Right Clients

There’s a metric ton of content on the interwebs about “getting clients”.

But you know what’s missing?

Content around how to pick the RIGHT clients.

Which is 1000x more important than just getting clients.


Well imagine this…

You’re an email copywriter looking to get a client. You do some outreach, find someone who’s interested, they agree to pay you for your service. You take them on and realize they’ve got only 10 people on their email list.

What do you think is gonna happen when you email a list of just 10 people? Think you can get them a result ?


And if you take their money without getting them a result?

That leads to a whole other slew of problems like bad reviews, broken relationships, and time+money wasted for both parties.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

So today’s video goes over the 3 criteria I look for when picking email marketing and copywriting clients.

>>>Discover the 3 criteria to picking perfect clients

You can apply to any service too. Doesn’t have to be email.

Hope this helps ya picking clients who can afford you AND who you can get a result for.


Your compadre,

Sean “avoid bad clients” Anthony

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