How To Grow Your Email List Fo Free Using Twitter

Howdy .

My last video around email list-building showed you how to do it for free using Facebook groups.

It got a great response and even IndieHackers wrote a thread about my strategy.

So I decided to do another video on free email list-building.

Today you’ll discover how I’m growing my list on Twitter without spending a penny on ads.

It takes time to do it this way… but hey, if you don’t have cash to spend?  This is the best way to do it.

I walk you step-by-step through the process here:

>>>Discover how to grow your email list for free using Twitter

This process has been responsible for 3,650 followers, 1,200+ email subs, and $45k+ in sales for my courses, consulting, and services.

Give it a go and report back on your progress in a couple months .


Your compadre,

Sean “twitter list growth” Anthony

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