She Paid Off Her Student Loan Doing This

Well hot damn. Got this message in my private client group and almost shed a tear. (Keyword: almost. The only time your compadre shed tears was on my wedding day lol.)Cassie came in with amazing energy and experience… But struggled with what I call the “curse of brilliance”. Which is when you’re good at so … Read more

How I Find & Get $2M-$10M/Yr Companies To Give Me Control Of Their Lists

Things are heating up in my Audience Rainmaker group. Members get the opportunity to vote on all the goodies. 2nd training is coming soon which will pull back the curtain on… “How I Find & Get $2M-$10M/yr+ Companies To Give Me Control of Their Audience & List… Even If They’ve Never Heard of Me Before.” … Read more

Avoid This “Success Trap”

When I first started finding success in bizness…A strange thing happened with my behavior.I gravitated towards doing the complicated stuff.Stuff like: Hiring just to hire Testing 5 different ad platforms at once Sinking cash into things I didn’t need like expensive branding Trying out multiple different biz models once I found success in one Why? … Read more

Billion Dollar Matchmakers

I just made a new post in my Audience Rainmakers group about billion dollar matchmakers.Billion dollar companies who make their money without their own “product”.  They match products up with an audience who needs the product and get paid for it.Did you know you could earn $100k-$1M/yr+ being a matchmaker too… even as a solo … Read more

Do You Know What To Do?

Do you know what you need to do to hit your goals? Yesterday I asked members in my Audience Rainmaker group what “daily profit goal” they’d like to shoot for. 65 answered so far with numbers from $100/day, to $1000/day, up to $8219.18/day. Awesome. My next question will be “what’s your plan to hit that goal?” Because a … Read more

 “Should I Build An Audience?”

Question from a subscriber yesterday around building an audience… === “Hey Sean – I want to build my audience but have no experience.  However I’ve read a LOT of books on the topic of _ and feel like I’m an expert on it.  Do you think I can build an audience around it?”=== So this … Read more


Waddup buttercup? It’s NFL Sunday so I can’t stay long… But I’m curious if you’re into building and monetizing audiences? My lifestyle is paid for thanks to my skills as a Rainmaker. I can write a single email/post and bring in thousands in sales while watching Redzone… And having only 2-3 scheduled Zoom calls on … Read more