Do You Want This ?

Just a quick thought this morning. I have a product called Superfast Sales Email Challenge which teaches you to write your first email that sells in 7 days. I also have a program called Email Side Hustle which shows you how to get to $1k-$5k/mo+ writing these simple emails for other biznesses. Both products have … Read more

How To Grow Your Email List Fo Free Using Twitter

Howdy . My last video around email list-building showed you how to do it for free using Facebook groups. It got a great response and even IndieHackers wrote a thread about my strategy. So I decided to do another video on free email list-building. Today you’ll discover how I’m growing my list on Twitter without spending … Read more

Everyone Has A Plan Until…

“Everyone has plan until they get punched in the mouth.” One of my favorite quotes ever from one of the most terrifying boxers ever, Mike Tyson. He meant it literally. But it applies to every area of your life. In bizness? You’re gonna get punched in the mouth. In relationships? You’re gonna get punched in … Read more

How To Get Things Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Howdy . Yesterday was July 4th which is Independence Day in the US. Since it was on a Sunday, today is considered the holiday where folks get a day off from work. Also had a good friend’s wedding on Saturday that I’m still recovering from. So I’m far from 100% right now. Despite that… I’m … Read more

How To Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers For Free

Whether you’re a brand spankin newbie or established bizness owner… You NEED to be building your email list. It’s an asset you own unlike your FB, LI, or IG profile which can get taken down at any time, for any reason. In this video I reveal my counterintuitive method for building an email list AND … Read more

8-Figure Email List?

Today is episode 2 of the Email Rainmaker series where I break down how successful entrepreneurs are leveraging EMAIL to build their empires. For episode two we have a personal finance author, expert, and educator who built a $10M+ empire using email. Want to know who it is and how his bizness makes money? >>>Click … Read more

How To Never Run Out Of Email And Content Ideas

Yo . I’ve been writing a daily email for over 1.5 years now. And almost everyday someone asks… “Sean, how do you come up with so many ideas for your emails and content?” So in today’s video I reveal the secret to never running out of email and content ideas. It really isn’t difficult to … Read more

Million Dollar Email List

Today marks the start of my new “Email Rainmaker Series” on YouTube. In this series I’ll be breaking down how successful entrepreneurs are leveraging EMAIL to build their empires. For episode one we have one of my favorite entrepreneurs of all-time. An underground email copywriter, info publisher, and recently software founder who uses email to … Read more