These 4 Truths Will Keep You Sane

Everyone’s sh*t is gettin rocked right now. I have approximately 14,937 emails from every company I’ve ever given my email to. Most are NOT inspiring any confidence or optimism. Want to know why I continue to be excited about the future? Here are 4 reasons:1. The economy was BOOMIN before the virus hit! Once this … Read more

Will This Kill My Agency?

That’s a mix of “Yo” and “Hola” if you didn’t catch that lol. Anyhoo.. I’ve been getting dozens of messages everyday from people wondering how my agency is being affected by the coronavirus. Many are in straight panic mode with no clue what to do. So in today’s video I wanted to share how I’ve … Read more

This ONE Thing Is More Contagious Than Coronavirus

You’re probably sick of hearing about the Coronavirus. Well good news!   You’re getting another marketing lesson about it today 🙂 I want to share a secret that’s been revealed to me over the past month. And no, it’s not the obvious stuff.   It’s not about the stock market. It’s not that humans don’t wash their … Read more

The Secret To Getting More Done In Less Time

You’ve seen all the productivity tricks out there haven’t you? Meditation. Waking up at 4am like the CEOs do. Going for a run early in the morning when it’s freezing cold. Well can you imagine not having to do any of that stuff? And still get more done in less time while having more fun? … Read more

This Nearly Ruined Me

3.5 years ago I was running a drop shipping business selling products online from China. It was a 7-figure business selling to a ‘weird’ niche (at it’s peak we were doing about $147k/mo in sales). A funny thing happens when everything’s going well.   You think the good times will never end.   That it’ll ALWAYS be … Read more

The TRUTH About Passive Income

Everyone wants passive income.   A consistent stream of checks fattening their bank account while barely lifting a finger. But do you know how to achieve passive income? Do you know what you need before you can make “money while you sleep”? Active income! Before you make money while you sleep, you need to be able … Read more

These 7 Skills Can Make You 10k Per Month Or More

Everyone knows that in today’s world.. It’s not about what degree or college major you have. It’s the SKILLS pay the BILLS. But what ‘high-income’ skills should you focus on in 2020 and beyond? Evergreen skills that can make you 10k per month or more? That’s the question I answer in today’s video: >>> 7 … Read more