The Offer Buffet

You ever been to a restaurant buffet ?

If not here’s how it goes…

You walk in and sometimes they have samples. Toothpicks with a piece of sausage, fruit, or veggie at the end. Just a nibble to get your mouth watering.

Then you’ve got appetizers. Caesar salad, potato salad, soup, and chicken wings. A small dish to get you excited for the main course.

Finally you have the main courses. There might be a chicken dish, Prime Rib, steak, crab legs, and a bunch of other shid. The main foods that people came for.

Sound familiar?

Well… my bizness is structured in a very similar way.

My “Sample” offers are my free stuff. The content on my YouTube channel, FB group, Twitter, and daily email list.

My “Appetizer” offers are my low-mid ticket products. Superfast Sales Email Challenge, Superfast Sequences, Ultimate Client Acquisition Playbook to name a few.

And my “Main Course” offers are my premium stuff. Currently my Growth Response service, Email Side Hustle coaching program, and 1-1 coaching/consulting.

My “Offer Buffet” helps me make money 24/7/365… whether I’m sleeping, eating, farting, or partying.

It gives me recurring income every month. So even if I STOPPED working for a month, I’d still get paid.

It helps me to serve people at different parts of the journey. Some are newbies, others are experienced.

And it helps me to enjoy my life.

Imagine that ?

Actually being able to enjoy life instead of working your arse off 12 hours a day?


I’m sharing this with ya because I’d like to help you create your OWN Offer Buffet.

So you can work with the right clients you want, have recurring paydays coming in every month, and make money even while you’re sleeping.

It’s my belief that running a bizness should be FUN… not torture. Otherwise what’s the point?

So… if you’re already doing $5k/mo+… and you’d like to setup your own Offer Buffet to get to $25k/mo+ while having more fun?

>>>DM the word “Buffet” here and I’ll get you the details

If there’s enough interest… I’ll take on a small group to help them build out their very own Offer Buffet.

Talk soon.

Your compadre,

Sean “offer buffet” Anthony

P.S. if you’d like to see my current Offer Buffet, click here and choose your meal.

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